You will be honored to have them, and they will make the effort to attend. Your guests list will generate the greatest expense on your wedding.  Everything you will do for your wedding will be more likely for your guests, otherwise you would elope!  And what you do for them will make your party a total success.  So far you have worked on finding your style and color scheme, researched vendors,  even prepared -on paper- your budget, but we have not touched your Guest List yet because you will find out soon how intertwined are these with one another, and changes will happen.

So, who will make it into the list? The question is who SHOULD be in the list? How can you avoid the pressure of inviting almost everyone? What if my parents want their friends to be in it?  All these questions and more will arise and with the following steps you will be able to tackle this quickly!  Let’s take a look at this 7 Hot Tips on how to make a winning Guest List!

  1. Start Counting:  Ideally, the list should include the closest family and friends from four sides: bride, groom, bride’s parents and groom’s parents. Easy, right? Sure. If you are working with a budget, this is a critical step. That is the reason why I recommend to research your vendors based on the style you want so at the end you prepare for the wedding you want with the right guest list.  If you are not working with a budget, you must give me a call so we can both have a blast inviting away!
  2. Include the Obvious:  One of the most common mistakes is not to include the organizers in your list! Yes! you, him, the bridal party, parents, etc. Use this as a key: everyone in the list gets to eat. (funny? true). Do not worry, it is typical to assume they are in, so do not forget to include them first when starting the list.
  3. Again, Categories:  Your guest list should be divided by: immediate family, extended family, family friends, bride and groom’s friends, parent’s friends, and the significant people in your life.  Take in consideration that every category has the ones who you’ve never met and the ones you really appreciate to have them in your life, so don’t go with “only immediate family” because that might include someone you are not that close to. Also, consider who has meant something special in your life, those who have impacted in a positive way and made you a better person.
  4. Consider the Famous +1:  You are preparing your wedding to enjoy with YOUR family and friends so think about your approach if someone wants to bring someone you don’t know as a +1. That is a personal decision and you must come up with the best answer according to your circumstances and views. Most couples decline to bring unknown guests’ +1 but others are just fine with it. Your call.
  5. Out-of-Town Guests, Coming or NOT?:    If you have a group of guests living considerably far from you, talk to them and weigh the options on attending your event.  If they are inconvenienced by the distance and express their regrets, then you know you have to move on and cross them off the list.
  6. Consider the Children: Part of your guest list might include couples who have children and if you are contemplating the idea of inviting the whole family, you must include the children count in your guest list.
  7. Watch for the Golf Buddies:  If Dad wants to invite his Golf pals, don’t worry, just set the record straight and they’ll talk about it next time they see each other at the Country Club. Remember always, you are preparing for the wedding of your dreams to enjoy with your closest family and friends.

The truth of the matter here is that you are the only one to decide who comes and who stays but you must always remember that your guest list will be an important factor on your budget and your wedding planning. What ever you decide, make sure your closest ones are in the list and that you are going to have all the resources to entertain them, and make them feel especial on your wedding day!

L♥ve you always, and remember Be Brava, Be You!



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