As we approach the new year, all sorts of things happen: some get engaged, some have resolutions, some are planning on bringing a family member to this planet, and others just sit and wait comfortably until something happens. Whichever group you belong to, there is always the uncertainty about what will happen in this new year 2014.

When I think about what could possibly happen, all I can do is always think about what my attitude will be: worried, cautious, aggressive, laid back, optimistic.. all of the above?  Regardless your attitude, you always have to keep a smile on your face.  I recently had the opportunity to chat with someone who always has a smile in place and always makes sure that everyone around has one too! And that is a great lesson to learn.  We should smile at a bright future, if you smile:  your engagement will be better, your resolutions will happen in a breeze, your journey of bringing a new life will be an amazing one, and even if you don’t expect anything to happen you will embrace whatever happens with a smile.

The point is to be open to new and amazing opportunities with a smile and everything will look better and clear and with a purpose to us, let’s embrace this new year with a positive attitude (along with the other personal touches) but at the end with that light in our faces to makes everything better to us and the ones around us!

2014 is going to be… an amazing year? YES! We always say that when a year starts, but we get discouraged when the first non-positive situation comes to us, and we immediately label the year as “the worst”.  However, we are missing to observe that we need those type of situations to learn how to deal with everything that falls in our laps. Once we are done learning, better things start coming and that only means we are ready to face the real music, the music of an amazing life!

Let’s embrace this new year with everything that will happen, good and bad, and enjoy every minute of it doing as much as we can to put always a smile on everyone’s faces!


Always Be Brava, Be You!





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