It may have looked like I forgot to post my weekly blog; however, I was giving you time to rest.  A whole month has gone by, you are on Planning Mode and it is appropriate to take some time to review some things.  At this point, you know what style is the right one for your wedding, what color scheme you are using, have worked on a budget, have knowledge of the amazing array of vendors ready for you, and should know who is coming to your wedding.  It may seem to you as we are “all over the place”, and although our system may seem a little unconventional, there is a reason for it. Going too fast or too slow is not the issue.  The trick is to rearrange the factors so we do not find ourselves in a “Oh no! I should have done that first!” moment.

Intrigued yet?  Well, have you noticed I never mentioned the “pick your wedding date” topic?  When you start planning your wedding with a date in mind, which is wonderful, you are limiting yourself from some knowledge about options that you may like to hear; besides you are more likely to jump to a regrettable purchase and cheat on your budget.   Having a date will get you penciled down, and that may put unnecessary pressure to book or purchase when you are not ready.  Holding off your date will work in most cases.

When you don’t have a date in mind -even if you have a remote idea of it- is better to keep it that way until you hear what your vendors have to say.  Some vendors, specially venues, may have different pricing according to time of event, season, even number of guests.  Other vendors, will pursue you until you fall in love with their discounts and offers while you are trying to figure out a date.

Another reason for you to consider taking your time picking your wedding date is contract flexibility.  Most vendors will have a clause stating penalties in regards to changes, and some may just consider it as a breach of contract.  I once had a bride who changed her wedding date two times, a third time was the end of out business relationship.  You cannot expect everyone to be available when changes happen and in such situations, fees or penalties may apply.

In order to chose your wedding date and not enter in any conflict, you can and should:

  • Consider your Guests:  Is grandma’s birthday around those days? Or maybe the anniversary of an important couple attending? Some couples make the decision to change their wedding date in order to accommodate other important dates in their calendar.
  • Back to Vendor research:  If several wedding vendors or venues are presenting a great deal during a specific season or month, then you may want to consider those options.
  • Set Priorities:  I once had a bride who moved her wedding day to the month when her flowers were in season; her grandmother’s favorite flowers had to be in the whole wedding decor.  Remember those index cards from Planning 101?  the ones with the Must-Haves, Switchable, and Can-Live-Without? Answer to yourself, what is the most important thing in your wedding?  Maybe there is a specific time for it, like flowers.

You are on the right track.  Keep in mind that your wedding is a major event and just like any big and important event, it cannot have too many errors, so we must prevent them while there is time.  Being that said, go back to your notes, and I will have more surprises for your planning ahead!

If you have questions or comments about this topic, please post it below.  We love to hear what you have to say.

L♥ve you always, and remember Be Brava, Be You!


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