As a divorced woman and a wedding planner, it never fails when I see my couple, my clients, and I pray for their strength of character to play their best game in the life ahead, the married life.   So, when last year I had the pleasure to meet Keith Dent -a Life Coach who specializes in relationships, from West Orange, New Jersey- I was static and somewhat relieved to know that someone cared enough to put in place not only a marriage coaching program but a pre-marriage program which shows very promising for all engaged couples.  Meet Keith and here it is what he has been working on, and why I am pleased to dedicate this series to him.

Are you prepared for Marriage?

If you are reading this it’s because you are recently engaged.  I would like to say “Congratulations!”  I know that this is a special time for you and your fiancè.

I also know that by now you have spoken to your family members and close friends about the engagement and were immediately bombarded with the questions:

  • Can I see the ring?
  • When is the wedding?
  • Have you set a date?
  • Do you have a dress?
  • Where is the honeymoon?

Did anyone ask, “Are you prepared for marriage?”

Chances are they didn’t.

But, does anyone really care?  With the average wedding costing $25,656 in 2012, it seems brides, as well as grooms, are more concerned about the wedding than the marriage.  That is evident based on the number of wedding shows on television.  From TLC’s “A Wedding Story” that has been on air since 1996, to “Say Yes to the Dress”, also on TLC airing since 2007, and was so popular that it spun off another series “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta”, it is easy to see couples in their formal wear preparing for the next journey.

It’s much harder to prepare for the journey, especially if half of them will end in divorce. But, that doesn’t make the journey not worth taking. Like any trip, you have to prepare and plan accordingly.

Over the next five weeks, we are going to address the 5 Keys to Having a Sustainable Marriage. I know you expected me to say “Happy” Marriage!, but marriages aren’t always happy (sorry, but we are talking reality here).  They are challenging, but that does not make them any less rewarding.  Like any beautiful wedding, we will determine what components are necessary for you and your spouse to have the type of marriage you have dreamed of, and give you the tools to help carry them out.

I look forward to taking this journey with you,

Coach Keith


Coach Keith Dent is a Life Coach who specializes in relationships. He lives in West Orange, New Jersey. 
You can find more about him and his amazing programs at  You can read his blog at
Photo Credit Priscilla Barbosa Photography
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