An Almost Well-kept Secret in Sunny Orlando.




Once again, Priscilla and I went in a quest to discover more for our brides.  We were still working on Bridal Beauty and decided to find out more about a Beauty Salon in Orlando, Florida.  We are talking about True Envy Salon.

Trish and Ramar Russell are the business partners in this amazing mission for beauty and they are very serious about it.  We had the opportunity to document their work while transforming our model Meghan.  Located in the heart of Orlando, and right next to a bridal salon, True Envy transports you to a relaxing and changing experience where you can remorseless unleash The Real YOU!

True Envy Salon had been around for 5 years now, and they are a full service salon, providing manicures, pedicures, artificial nails, hair color and care, and even hair extensions, all at Spa level!  Trish explained to us that they are focused not only on the quality of their products but also their service.  Between Trish, Ramar and Angela, you will be treated as royal.

When we talked about their multiple services, Trish emphasize they are a strictly full Redken salon.  For the public, they also offer Moroccan Oil, Pureology and American Crew for men.  Additional to the commonly known haircuts and do’s, they offer Keratin treatments, formaldehyde-free treatments which are OSHA friendly.  They take pride on how carefully they apply them and they explain to us that this specific Keratin treatment product is infused in the hair taking in consideration many factors like hair thickness, texture and previous chemical procedures in order to keep the integrity of their guest’s hair.  This Keratin products, which is from Coppola, fades away as the hair grows, leaving the hair looking natural even after the effect has worn out.

Pedicures, advanced ones with masks, stones and massages are offered.  Nail products are also another of Trish’s big deals.  She is very serious about nail care and only uses high-quality products like OPI and CND to create the durable finish their guests, especially Brides, are looking for without traumatizing their nails.  She keeps her nail color collections up to date and was eager to let us know she was wearing one of the OPI Skyfall {The Movie} collection tones on her nails.
And, Yes!  They do have a wide range of Bridal services for our Orlando Bravas who wish to have their beauty taken care of even from before the Day.  True Envy offers several packages, including timelines and recommendations, for the Bride and Groom {yay for our Grooms!}  Trish and her staff will travel, so check out their destination packages.

At the end of the interview, we were amazed of their work on Meghan and we confirm that they do create a True Envy feeling.

We Thank Trish, Ramar and Angela for an amazing day!


L♥ve You, and remember Be Brava, Be You!





Trish and Ramar Russell are married and work together at True Envy.  You can visit their website or Facebook Fan Page.


Priscilla Barbosa Photography
Our amazing Photographer, Priscilla Barbosa, lives in Orlando, FL. Like her Facebook Fan Page or Visit her Website.
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