Today, I received a blog feed from one former potential client who came to me sort of admiring my brand -she is a graphic designer for medical imaging- so I thought it could help to follow her ordeal since she was documenting it from afar.  She was divided between New Jersey and Georgia, and ultimately she picked the latter for the location of her wedding.

Lynsey was the perfect DIY story.  She did the whole planning herself.  She researched the vendors, she booked them, she designed her centerpieces, and did the whole kit and caboodle of the planning a wedding.  What she did not do, like every other couple out there, is to hire a wedding planner.

Do you know how many times I hear EVERYWHERE I go… “Where were you 8 months ago?” or “I wish I knew you a year ago!” and “Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about my wedding, sorry!”.  And, I look at these newlyweds and I wonder what is keeping Brides and Grooms from touching the Wedding Planner subject?

I bet most of the answers will be connected to the money issue.  Brides and Grooms go through great sacrifices to come up with the funds to produce a wedding for themselves and their guests.  They wouldn’t just elope, because  the idea of getting married in front of their loved ones is the milestone we all want to reach in our personal agenda for adulthood.

Unfortunately, we think the planner “investment” will be more of a waste than anything else positive and the final decision is: “NO, we don’t need one!”

Okay, so why is this blog so grim?  No, it’s not!  It is just like everything else where we make the wrong choices and we regret not doing what we should have…  but, how can we know?  Well, to me sounds pretty obvious.  When I needed a dentist, I didn’t ask my best friend to look into my mouth and let her do “her thing”; or when I needed a haircut, I didn’t go to my brother to “trim” my ends just because he knows how to shave himself.  I went to the dentist and to a hairdresser because they are professionals who take care of those issues.  So, why {seriously, WHY?} Brides and Grooms think {and firmly swear by it} they can produce a seriously, not only expensive, but huge event like their only wedding {in their lifetime} avoiding the wedding planner issue.  If you are a veterinarian or a nurse, how do you know who is the best affordable flower designer in your area?   There is no way you would know! You can read reviews, and you can call and talk to these vendors but chances are you will be lied to and fall for a scam.

Warning!  Not all vendors are scam.  I happened to work with amazing vendors and the fact that I am in the industry gives me, as wedding planner, the advantage of following these vendors every day, on every event, on every social network post and their awesome work is proof we know the who’s who in the industry.  So, wouldn’t you give a try for the opinion of a wedding planner, so your wedding is that stress-free zone where you are enjoying not only the event but the best company you can ever wished for, like your guests?

So, what is stopping you to hire a planner?  Money?  Family? I bet you can talk to one and find out for yourself that is all worth it and more.

This is all talk!  I want to show you the best way to find out if the wedding planner you are going to meet with, is the best match and why you should hire her/him.

  1. You must want a wedding planner.  If you are going to the meeting totally skeptical and already thinking this is a mistake, that you don’t have the money, and that you can just do it all by yourself {including running your cellphone dry while getting your makeup and hair done, screaming at a florist who is not even at your event yet?}, then my suggestion is do not go to meet this wedding planner.  Do not waste your time and the planner’s time.  You need to have the conviction you are looking for a professional to plan and coordinate your event; otherwise, just turn around and go home {of course, let the planner know you changed your mind.}
  2. Throw away the myths.  So, you want a planner.  That is just great!  Now, let’s eliminated the myths around hiring a wedding planner… They won’t steal your thunder {neither your mom’s}!  They will be your best friend!  You will trust them on everything!  They know the best vendors around!  They will save you money while budgeting your cash!  They will be your shadow and your best personal assistant!  They will plan YOUR wedding, NOT theirs.  So, what is wrong again about hiring a wedding planner?
  3. Chemistry is not only between the Bride and Groom.  If you entered the meeting and you guys don’t have the spark of a great connection, then you must break the ice, try again {remember to ask ALL the questions you would ask to any vendor … Okay, I’ll tell you those question next week} and if at the end of the meeting things are colder than a beer on Saturday night, then off you go to meet the next wedding planner!
  4. Wedding Planners are not superheroes.  Please, this is Note To Self!  Do not hire a planner towards the end of your planning process.  Why?   Well, it is obvious that your cash is gone by the end of the planning so do not hire a wedding planner to fix the impossible!  We are wedding industry professionals, not magicians, neither lawyers, so if you got yourself in a bad contract, chances are you are just going to have to write it off as a bad loss at the end of the year, take the lesson and move on!
  5. Wedding Planners don’t work.  Well, we do, and really hard!  Those midnight calls, or midnight emails with marvelous ideas about your dream day are being read and processed almost right away, and we take them very seriously.  Anything that a wedding planner does, be it mostly research, is considered work. We travel to meet vendors, to drive by to see even if some exist, and we network for the same purpose, countless hours reading etiquette books and bridal magazines just to be on point… is called work.

If you care for your money, for your future spouse, for your guests and obviously, for yourself and your sanity, then the morale of all the above points is… well, you know!  I am not going to tell you what to do, I will not interfere in your decisions, I will not impose my opinions, but I will tell you what is best, what is wrong, what you are in need to change, and you will {Guaranteed} have the best time of your life in your wedding day, with your guests and will remember it for the joy FOREVER!

Leave us a comment below, tell us what you think! Remember to always consult a Professional Bridal Consultant before even spending the first dime! Listen to my advice and you will see.

L♥ve, and remember, Be Brava, Be You!





  1. reply Sue L. Lee

    This is an excellent post. I enjoyed reading every single detail and even the myths. Hiring a wedding planner is the best thing one can do for herself and for her wedding. Wedding planners know exactly what to do and how to go about one;’s wedding so if you can afford hiring one, why stress oneself?

    • reply Brava Girl

      Sue Lee, Thank you for your comment. Indeed, Wedding Planners are your best choice for the wedding preparation, unfortunately, not everyone is on board in this one. We are trying to create a culture where professional and educated brides start using Wedding Planner’s services to minimize failure in their wedding day. Like I always remark, be prepared to embrace your day with everything it brings but remember, a Wedding Planner will face everything for you!

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