Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a Wedding -or any full service event- is full of tasks that could be very stressful close to the date. However, the important thing is to acknowledge you need help! At Brava Girl Weddings, the planning process is a breeze! We can help you figure your budget, settle on a style, and other multiple decisions.  Do you have questions about the process? Well, here there are just few questions you may think of now, but we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your event.

Do you see your Guests working on your Wedding Day?

Weird question, you'll think, but, as soon as you get engaged your family and friends will be all over you offering their help and assistance. That's is so cute! Well, it is not when all of them -on the wedding day- are just like you, getting ready for the event, (regardless, they are still guests) and you may wonder... who is watching the kiosk? What if something goes wrong?  You can always split duties with your best friends, cousins, aunts, mother and future mother-in-law (of course!) even your future spouse, however you must remember that things may slip through the cracks if they forget specific tasks for the day.  Remember, they are helping, it is not their job so the responsibility is limited. However, not all families and friends are the same. There are those will be there for you in a pinch and will take care of business but if you know your crowd, your best bet is to hire a professional who can and will handle your event's planning and execution without expecting your family to "work their magic" on your wedding day.

How much power should your Wedding Planner have?

One of the reasons why you are probably hesitant to hire a Wedding Planner is fear of losing your autonomy. Wedding Planners are to assist you in the whole project from start to finish, to guide you.  Not all of us come from a reality show.  However, you must listen to your planner's advice and everything should become nothing less than excitement and joy! We will also guide you on other important subjects as budgets and vendors, but in this case your wish is our command.  As long as you know what you want, you will communicate with your planner and you will receive all the advice you need in order to make it happen, the right way. You must trust your planner's expertise as well; there is nothing better than to have an experienced set of eyes supervising what could be improved or save you from a serious mistake.  So, the power your planner should have depends on how much you want the Planner to help.


Is hiring a Wedding Planner going to save you money?

In the end, it will.  Wedding Planners are constantly networking and are known to refer their clientele to reliable and well known vendors. If you are planning your event on your own and decide to contract your vendors without the opinion of a planner, you might be risking money and time and eventually the quality of your event and memories. Always read reviews, blogs or consult a Professional Bridal Consultant, this way you'll get to know the who's who in the industry.

What if you hire a Wedding Planner and something goes wrong?

Hiring a Wedding Planner will not secure sunshine and 75° weather, but it will alienate you and your guests from any mishaps at your event. There is always a story to tell from your wedding day and even though we don't want to set ourselves up for failure, chances are you must embrace your day gracefully with all that it brings. You will get married and you will look amazing, and your guests will enjoy every minute of it!  Remember, Wedding Planners will provide all their expertise to put out fires during your event, if any; and you will never stop having fun while they work.

Do you want a Wedding Planner? (Because the question is no longer if you need one)

Yes, you want a Wedding Planner, you will need one and you should hire one before getting into deep spending, or unfinished tasks too close to the end. If your concern is having enough budget to hire a Wedding Planner, well, your answer is right there.  You could consult with one before starting your planning process so you do not regret any uneducated decision.  Wedding Planners are industry professionals and will refer you with the most reliable vendors and quality services. Hiring a Planner can take off the load of spending countless hours doing research instead of concentrating on your daily activities like work, school and family.