How Understanding your Value System about Money CAN Empower your Marriage!

Welcome Back!  I hope you make it a habit to go back and update your Family Mission Statement each year of your marriage.  Things will change; children will come along, careers will change, you may have to take care of your parents, among other changes, so adjustment will have to be made to keep your marriage fresh and strong.

As both the average marriage age and student debt loads rise, it is likely at least one partner will enter the marriage with significant debt.  The average student loan debt is now more than $25,000 and the average credit card debt is almost $5,000 per borrower!  These debts can cause significant stress on a new marriage.

As we’ve heard through the years, money is the biggest conflict that engaged couples and newlyweds go through.  One of the reasons is that in marriage, two people join together to become one, but that does not always happen when it comes to dealing in money matters.  The relationship between money and marriage are so complex we are going to devote two parts to this issue.

In business, when two companies merge into one -over time- they also have to merge their separate corporate cultures.  This takes time and patience is required as both companies will have to adapt to the culture which evolves from the newly created company.  Marriage is no different.  When your vows are exchanged, you are merging the values, beliefs and cultures of two living beings who are now becoming a unit.  In order for the marriage to become strong, you must merge the two cultures together to create one.

So, what are the steps involved when it comes to merging your issues about money into a marriage?  This three-step process involves starting at the beginning of your first involvement with money and bringing it to the present day.  You should share those values you have about money with your partner and then collaborate with him/her to create one financial system.

How do we figure out our values when it comes to money?  Money has some meaning for all of us.  We either feel we don’t have enough or have too much.  The lack of money can paralyze our actions, or can liberate us to act.  One way or another, we pick a side.  If we don’t clearly know, we can’t communicate it to our partner.  So, let’s delve into this extensive exercise.  In order to receive your Financial Assessment {Part 1}, fill out our contact form and we will send you the assessment file via email.  We want you to succeed and that is only possible with your commitment.  Such assessment will go a long way and will teach you how working together as a couple will put you in a position of strength in your relationship.

We will be waiting for your information, we want your success on this!

Coach Keith

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