A couple of months ago, my co-conspirator Priscilla Barbosa and I, were invited to the Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show.  There, we had the amazing opportunity to meet vendors of all services and products you can imagine in order to pull the perfect wedding.  Really.  Some were more impressive than others, but overall, great professionals in their fields.

One particular vendor “pulled” our attention.  Why pull?  Well, we were just walking around, snooping what’s good and whatnot, when these ladies, at this booth, asked us over and so we approached a very particular setting.  The booth had this group of ladies performing an “Instant Manicure” and we couldn’t be more interested in finding out what was this about.  The portable sink was there, and one of the ladies asked me to remove my rings and placed a soft yet scrubby substance on my hands, gave me a massage and poured water to cleanse the residual. The result? No words. My hands felt like made out of silk;  I can’t even describe how soft they were.  And right there, I imagine my brides taking advantage of this “portable spa” situation! A to-go spa for the most important day of their lives.  What Bride wouldn’t want the man of her dreams to touch her silky hands while slipping that wedding  band on her finger? I don’t think anyone is saying no.

The next thing we did was schedule a call to get as much information as possible about this tremendous idea for our brides, and what we did learn there, oh boy!

Lisa Ragland, from Oviedo, FL, is the responsible lady for my silky hands.  She runs a home-base business called BeautiControl  and to my surprise she is also a MakeUp Artist.  So, what is BeautiControl?  Lisa explained to us that BeautiControl is based out of Dallas, TX and they’ve been in business for over 30 years; Lisa is been doing this for 17.  All their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, non-comogenic, of cosmeceutical grade, and they are 100% Made in America.  Now, that right there made me feel better.  The products are developed and distributed right here in the United States of America and they are all plant derived products, so they couldn’t be more natural.

She offers Spa Services to your home or location at any time in any day, and her services are from facial skin care to foot spas. Can you imagine?  Is there anymore pampering for a Bride -and her bridesmaids- right on the spot on her wedding day? She explained to us, that she offers skin care for all skin types, even explained that they have skin sensors in order to customize the care for your specific skin type.  You can only get that at a dermatologist office at -obviously- a much greater price.   Her spa products go from eye treatments with triple peptide so they will lift your eyes {which I tried and felt magnificent!}, facelift products, lip treatments, feet treatments, even they have spa products for the guys {YAY for the Groom!}.

When we asked her about the makeup aspect, she explained there is always the great opportunity for getting the whole package done at a very small fee, really small compared to just the service of Bridal Makeover alone. The Spa experience is obviously complimentary since that is the core of this brand.

One of the subjects I wanted to emphasize was the bridal gifts or bridesmaids gifts, all those nice little things we want to give on the Bridal Shower or the Bridesmaids Luncheon.  Well, Lisa has all sorts of packages for gifts, and Brides can customize with as many choices as they want;  Lisa will pack them as the Bride wishes and will have them ready for the day needed.

Finally, we asked Lisa’s biggest advice on Bridal Beauty, and she told us that skin exfoliation is the key for any skin to look young and vibrant.  “We use Microderm Abrasion System with the aluminum oxide crystals that are laser cut to actually shave off a layer of skin to uncover fresher, newer skin!” she said.   She has exfoliation sets available at a very reasonable price {$49} and they can be just what that beautiful Bride’s skin needs for the day!  I have to say, she did try the exfoliation on my skin and lips, also applied the eye serum and did marvels for the whole day;  I didn’t want to take off at night.  Lisa also remarks that Skin Care Spas are best to be done weeks before the Wedding Day.  Should a Bride have any skin issues, Lisa recommends at least two months prior to the event to get her skin ready for action!

Lisa Ragland and BeautiControl gives the Brides the opportunity to feel and test the products without commitment and what is best?  The results. Simple. The products not only give excellent results, but they are absolutely affordable and made a great difference in my skin and for that, I personally guarantee this is a great choice for my Brides.

And for this sublime audience, I got Lisa to give away the Sculpt & Firm Body Contouring Moisturizer to tighten those little bellies before the Big Day!  Be on the lookout for the draw enrollment form which we’ll published on our Fan Page in one week.


What’s in your mind? Leave us a comment, we love to hear your thoughts.

Remember Always Be Brava, Be You!


Silvia ♥


Lisa Ragland is a Make Up Artist and Beauty Consultant with BeautiControl for over 17 years. 
She lives in Oviedo, FL with her family. You can like on her Facebook Fan Page or Contact her at her Website.


Priscilla Barbosa Photography
Our amazing Photographer, Priscilla Barbosa, lives in Orlando, FL. Like her Facebook Fan Page or Visit her Website.
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