If I wanted to start this blog with metaphors like “planning a wedding is like building a home”, we’ll be here forever. Instead, I decided to go straight to the point… Let’s draw the blueprints of your wedding. And, I am going to help you to start just that.

Once you are engaged, something else may happen to you. That’s called Blindness due to Excitement! And it is deadly {to your wedding}! So, let’s treat this with three simple steps:

1.            Set Priorities.  Think of three sub-categories for this:

·         Must-Have

·         Switchable

·         I-Can-Live-Without


*How to:  Take three index cards, or whatever of that sort, and write down each sub-category on each card. Keep them with you always, and jot down for a whole week –until your head hurts- everything that you must have, that you can switch for something else, and what you consider it wouldn’t be a big deal if you don’t have it in your wedding.

2.            Pick your style, theme and/or color scheme.  When you do this, the details start flowing in your mind and will make it easier to envision what will be needed to make it happen; it is the perfect way to see the big picture. This will also make you understand the level of difficulty on planning this specific event.

3.       Research your vendors.  It is perfectly acceptable to do this without a budget, actually I suggest you do it without a number in mind so you don’t chase a price, but quality. You want this wedding to be you, and to represent you and your future spouse’s style of doing things so mediocrity is out of the question.  Ask all questions about what they do and how they do it. Leave the price for last!

Sounds and looks simple, but as of now, this will be your lifestyle for the next 12-9 months when the planning should be in effect. Do not engage on any purchase (I know! That bridal shop sale is just what you wanted!) because in the future you will encounter difficulties when executing the planning and spending of the budget.

So, let’s recap: 1) you are getting your Brava hands on some index cards and write your thoughts away; 2) pick your style, theme and colors; and, 3) research your vendors.  If you need help with this, just contact me.




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  1. reply Steph at Book More Brides http://bookmorebrides.com

    I love this index card idea! I know that as soon as I start writing down something I have to do, I think of something else, and something else, and something else…

    It’s really helpful to know that you can switch categories. Takes the pressure off. Thanks!

    • reply admin

      Dear Steph,

      Thank you for the feedback! More helpful ideas are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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