Engaged, Set and Get a Planner! You are ready to take the next step, and you need to stay within your budget, maintain the style, invite all your guests, and that is why we are here.

We have implemented a combination of services; however, you can always customize your package of service according to your needs.  All we’ll do is lead you towards your dream day.

Remember to contact a wedding planning services before you start using your budget.

Now, tell us what we can do for you, Brava!

A hint of brava!

Brava Girl Weddings is open to share all advice when one Brava wants to DIY it all!  We appreciate that as well, and that's why this is for you. Information will be given by-appointment basis only and you will be able to find out what to do next. This is not the same as reading the wedding planning magazine of the season; this is real life advice from experienced event planners who will give you their input and notes for you to know the what-not-to do or say in your wedding day. We are here if you want this advice for you.

Help me to be Brava!

The amazing detail of getting married is that you and your future spouse will become One. So, why wait to after the wedding to do things together? You can always start planning the path to your perfect day by yourselves; however, when the date comes closer... you will need help.  We will help you with all contracts and vendors, making sure they are confirmed and coordinated. Our staff will be at your event and will work together along with vendors to execute the most amazing day of your life! If you want to live the thrill of the planning, but will love to relax towards the end, this is the package for you.

Completely Brava!

We are all yours here! Just ask and you shall receive. This is a full service package where we'll have the privilege to work with you from beginning to end. This is the maximum benefit package where your budget will be precisely distributed, your style will be left intact, and there will be no-limit communication in between, so you can always tell us what you think and we'll always know what to do next.  We want to feel what you are feeling and we'll love to build a relationship with you and your family, and if this is what you want, this is the package for you.
Want to be a brava girl?Contact us to let us know!