Becoming a Bride {and Groom} is a blessing after all.  However, all the family commitments and friends’ relationships get tested to the limit when it comes to the Bridal Party subject.  I have personally witnessed amazing -and some disastrous- bridal party combinations, but the first thing that comes to my mind is “I am sure the bride and groom meant the best for this!”  And, although most of the times things are positive, the stress and drama some weddings survive from is due to the Bridal Party.

Take a look at the How-To and What-To-Consider tips below to avoid some stress for you and your bridal party and enjoy the ride to the altar:

The How-To:

  • If you are having a  small wedding, keep your bridal party short to a maximum of three attendants.  You wouldn’t want to have a third of your guests as your wedding party.
  • If you are working on a budget, always remember the larger your party, the larger your expenses will become.  Think of more bouquets, boutonnieres, as well as wedding party gifts.
  • Have a sincere talk with your future spouse and determine how many attendants will be the ideal for your bridal party.  Right after, talk about who are your choices and if they are the most reliable ones.

The What-To-Consider:

  • Bridesmaids and Ushers will have expenses like the purchase or rental of their event attire {dress, tux, shoes, any accessories and even specific jewelry}, their own transportation to the event’s town, contributions to the couple’s gift from the party {added to the individual gift}, luncheons and bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more.
  • Brides will always consider their BFFs or little sister or cousin to be in the party, but no matter who you are considering, the bridal party will have duties and if you cannot rely on these ladies and gentlemen, then you are up for some stressing times pressing everyone for results.  Their help should be unquestionable and always expected with the utmost respect for one another.

If you are unsure about your bridal party duties, stay tuned for our next blog where all such duties will be revealed!

So, let’s recap:  *Consider a bridal party size suitable to your event’s size; *A larger party means a larger budget; *The selection should be fair for both of you; *Always consider their expenses, making sure you are not an imposition; and *Reliability is the key to an amazing time with your chosen ones.

You can always have the best times with your Bridal Party, but the key is to always keep in mind that this is teamwork to create the Wedding of Your Dreams!

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Always remember to Be Brava, Be You!



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